Black History:† A Musical Journey With Jenni Johnson & Friends

Larry McCrorey, Rob Guerrina, Bob Gagnon, Jeremy Hill, Aiyana Ife, Evelyn Kwanza,  BruceMcKenzie,  Joe Moore & Tony Pietricola

Friday, February 24, 2006

7:00 to 9:30 pm

105 Mann Hall Auditorium
208 Colchester Ave., UVM's Trinity Campus

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Experience the musical roots and influences of the rhythms from Western Africa to what we call present day American Jazz and R&B.

The show will start with the drum rhythms from Western Africa and its influences to the art form called American Jazz.† A few Slave Songs and spirituals building with influences of the artists and music from New Orleans, as well as, blues and the R&B sounds of Motown; itís all part of the journey. †

Free and open to Faculty, Staff, Students and the Public.†

Doors Open at 6:45 pm.† Seating is limited.

Sponsored by These University of Vermont Offices

Race and Culture Program, The Vice Provostís Office of Multicultural Affairs, College of Education and Social Services Deanís Office, ALANA Student Center, Center for Cultural Pluralism, Womenís Center, Dept. of Integrated Professional Studies and The Counseling Program

For more information visit or or contact:† Rose Mary Graveline, 656-3888 or

Poster by Rose Mary Graveline

Graphic by Karen L. McCloud, Silver Cloud Design, Inc.