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Hi Jenni! Great seeing you & hearing that melodious voice at the library on Saturday. Tag liked the choice of songs & we both  witnessed great energy & gratitude in the crowd. You & the band continue to amaze us! Stay well. Hope to see you moving’ & groovin’ & belting out the notes again soon. ❤️Toni


Jenni....  I am part of the couple with the killer hats at the library concert today.  My late husband and I used to follow you when I was in the Presto Chango Band started by Dave Arnold.  Loved seeing you again. Great music brings back great memories. You are looking good. Talented as ever. Did you ever start singing 'Blues in the night'? One of my favorites that would suit you well. Sending love. Cordially, Elaine.

Jenni....  Just had to let you know how Fun your SAT. GIG could feel THE 💘 IN THAT ROOM. Hope you and the BOYS FELT IT also. The Intimate setting and your Banter between SONGS, Was PRICELESS!  YOU are one AWESOME TALENTED ENTERTAINER even when you are not singing.  Love all the selections and your broad Range of MUSICAL KNOWLEDGE is so Greatly Appreciated!  The afternoon reminded me of our Fun TIMES Taping JENNI'S JOINT!   Can't wait till your next gig! Donna

Jenni...., I thoroughly enjoyed the concert Saturday, it was a lot of fun on a dreary Saturday. Ann  


Jenni....  "I had to drive us home from Florida last week (1362 miles) and your Pearls album kept us going for a long way.  Now it is getting me to walk my goal of 3 miles.  So, a BIG THANK YOU for your talented, lovely voice and your sweet being.  Stay healthy, I know this is hard on you. Love from a distance" - R. Gilbert

Jenni... Your personal unique style of making what Willie Wright used to call “vocal decisions” has really evolved and matured over time, and what used to be experimental forays into vocal improvisations and arrangements have become well-polished signature Jenni Johnson chops. Like a lot of opera and jazz singers (somehow this doesn’t work in rock and roll as much) your use of your instrument has developed over time, to the point that your work now is both more sophisticated and inventive, and also much more deliberate, than, say 10 or 20 years ago. Like Billie, Nina, Dinah Washington, Abby Lincoln, and some others -Esther you are working on something, re-interpreting the American Songbook and contributing to the project that is jazz as you go along, not just repeating your old songs in the same old way. Great to witness!

Jenni... Wow, one of the best videos we’ve seen of you, what a beautiful performance! Your use of your instrument just keeps growing every year, more nuance, more creativity, more control - American Idol hear we come! Seriously, just loved it - a classic. B&B.

Jenni... Over the last 12 years I have hired Jenni and her band on numerous occasions for dance and party events. Everyone loves her singing and music.  She caters the music to guests depending on if they are dancers, a party or wedding.  Jenni is a staple of this area playing throughout the state.  She also has her you tube channel, "Jenni's Joint" where you can hear her music and experience her many talents. Just recently Jenni and her band played for 150 people for a fundraiser party called "Derby Day" in Middlebury at Edgewater gallery.  It was to raise money for Porter Hospital and Jenni was a huge hit with the crowd.  She made that event a real party. We are lucky to have such talent in our community.  Jenni is a true entertainer, simply the best. Thank you, Jenni, for all you do. David Allan Rose, ASSE Area Representative

 Jenni... After a much too long fasting from live events, due to my fear of getting COVID, I decided to venture back into the living world on May 7th to hear my friend, Jenni Johnson & The Jazz Junketeers, entertain at the COTS Walk 2023 at Battery Park, Burlington.  I brought my friend Rosie with me, who has recently become one of Vermont's newer residents. We both enjoyed the great music from Jenni's group and the ambience permeating the event... so many people of every kind, children and doggies, just grooving to the music on a lovely afternoon by the lake.  I felt like I was arising from a cocoon. Rosie was impressed with the entire scene, too, telling me this would not have been possible in the state she has abandoned. So, until the next time, Jenni keep on doing what you do best - love you!   Pat

June 14, 2023





From everyone at COTS, please accept our heartfelt thank you for the very generous donation of music at Battery Park during the 2023 COTS Walk on 5/7/2023. It makes a big difference to the individuals and families we serve to have these types of donations available.


COTS was founded with one simple goal: Break the fall for those in need. For forty years that founding ideal has motivated the evolution of COTS programming from shelter to solutions, as we continue to help our neighbors.


COTS remains committed to breaking the fall – no matter where in the crisis trajectory a person is. Our guiding philosophy is to offer emergency relief while advocating for and implementing systematic changes that bring an end to homelessness and housing insecurity. We could not do this without your support.


This past year, we served 1,358 people through shelter, outreach, prevention services, and transitional and permanent housing. This is made possible by the incredible investment of our caring community – from individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses.


Please visit to learn more about our work.


On behalf of the people we serve, we send you our sincerest appreciation for your generosity.


Warmest regards,




Romy Theisen

Communications and Outreach Specialist

Committee on Temporary Shelter

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