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"I had to drive us home from Florida last week (1362 miles)  and your Pearls album kept us going for a long way.  Now it is getting me to walk my goal of 3 miles.  So, a BIG THANK YOU for your talented, lovely voice and your sweet being.  Stay healthy, I know this is hard on you. Love from a distance" - R. Gilbert 04/2020

Your personal unique style of making  what Willie Wright used to call “vocal decisions” has really evolved and matured over time, and what used to be experimental forays into vocal improvisations and arrangements have become well-polished signature Jenni Johnson chops. Like a lot of opera and jazz singers (somehow this doesn’t work in rock and roll as much) your use of your instrument has developed over time, to the point that your work now is both more sophisticated and inventive, and also much more deliberate, than, say 10 or 20 years ago. Like Billie, Nina, Dinah Washington, Abby Lincoln, and some others -Esther you are working on something, re-interpreting the American Songbook and contributing to the project that is jazz as you go along, not just repeating your old songs in the same old way. Great to witness!

Wow, one of the best videos we’ve seen of you, what a beautiful performance! Your use of your instrument just keeps growing every year,   more nuance, more creativity, more control - American Idol hear we come! Seriously, just loved it - a classic. 

B&B. 09/2020

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